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What is Yumcore?

#Yumcore was a term/hashtag I coined to describe seriously delicious food that tastes great and feels good to your core. I consider the core of my self a vegan spiritual punk activist on the inside with an Egyptian Muslim Lawyer facade on the outside.

Yumcore is the hardcore Vegan punk of the charcuterie tray of life.

I’ve always been an intense, standout character. I try to make my food with a similarly unique character, and ask:
How can I make this taste better with simple ingredients?
How can I make your mouth drool?
How can I recreate my favorite dishes using only vegan and ethically sourced ingredients?

Pictured: Raw Vegan Pad Thai


My goals are to introduce you to my 100% Plant-Based Meal Plans, Cooking Classes, Catering & Vegan Health Coaching. 

I want to excite all of the taste buds, and Umami your Mama.

Yumcore is so good, it’s Glitter Good!

When food makes you feel all shiny and shimmery on the inside, there’s no better feeling.

I can’t think of any other food group on earth that can do that besides plant based foods.

  • VItamin D 80% 80%
  • Potassium 30% 30%
  • VItamin B12 40% 40%
  • VItamin A 70% 70%
  • VItamin B 80% 80%
  • VItamin C 60% 60%

The Birth of Yumcore

The term #Yumcore was used on May 31, 2014 when I first began documenting my gluten-free and vegan delicacies online. 
Yumcore, LLC officially started as a business in 2018 when I was living in Hawaii and finding a lack of good vegan options. On the Big Island, there were a few places with vegan options but they were just Okay, made with processed ingredients, and sometimes insanely overpriced. I would get upset when we went out to eat and spent a ton of money on vegan food made with the same ingredients from Costco that I already had at home, but I knew how to make it taste better. There also weren’t any vegan caterers for events and I was getting requests from friends and businesses to make food for their parties or weddings. Then I would also deliver vegan meals around town. I’ve always loved feeding people, and if they’re happy then I’m happy. Food is love.

My Story

Meet Chef Sarah, Professional Food Coach

Chef Sarah El Ebiary is certified in vegetarian and vegan nutrition from multiple online academies (eCornell, Rouxbe, Shaw Academy, Centre of Excellence, to name a few) and has a Master VEG Certification from Northwest Veg in Portland, Oregon. She is the founder of #Yumcore, which provides plant-based meal plans, cooking classes, catering, and vegan health coaching. She has taught vegan cooking classes since 2016 with a longstanding record of sold-out classes with waiting lists. She has also been a volunteer educator for the BlueZones Project teaching plant-based cooking at schools and workplaces.

She is currently a lawyer with New World Entrepreneur & Entertainment Law as well as a private chef that travels around the world to assist in the kitchen on yoga and detox retreats where she also teaches yoga and meditation under the moniker Sarah Samadhi as a 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She loves veganizing menus as a consultant for restaurants, health facilities, and hotels.

She also co-founded the Vegetarian/Vegan Society of Egypt, which currently includes over 35,000 members from around the world. She may be reached directly at sarah@yumcore.com.


100% Plant-Based Meal Plans, Cooking Classes, Catering & Vegan Health Coaching

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